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Citânia de Sanfins

Just outside of the city of Porto, in the municipality of Paços de Ferreira, there is an awesome, 2000+ year old castro, which is a “pre-Roman Iron Age Celtic village”, that sits at the top of a large hill. The Citânia de Sanfins is a big castro, so that’s why it is called a citânia. It is believed to have been later occupied by Romans. They have a nice website for the place, but it’s in Portuguese. It was free to walk around the site, unless we just got lucky on the evening that we went. To go inside the re-created house, you might have to pay, but we couldn’t find anyone around to let us in.
Anyway! Here are some photos…

This guy, “the statue of the warrior”, was unearthed at the site, and he has become a sort of “mascot” for the citania. He is displayed at the museum, which is located off-site in the heart of the small town of Sanfins. A reconstruction of the soldier was placed at the site of the citânia, where it is thought that he stood long, long ago.

The Citânia de Sanfins at dusk.

Today’s guardians of the Citânia de Sanfins.

A reconstruction of a large house in the citânia.

The main outer wall of the citânia.

A castrejo bath house outside of the main wall of the citânia.

The bath house still gets water!


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